Collusion, Algorithms and Competition Law

Welcome Message

23 November 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,​

In 2007, the International Programs in Law of the Kyushu University's Faculty of Law started to organize the Kyushu University's Annual Law Symposium. In 2019, we will organize the 12th edition. The theme chosen for this edition is "Collusion, Algorithms and Competition Law."


The use of algorithms in pricing strategies has received special attention among competition law scholars. There is an increasing number of scholars who argue that the pricing algorithms, facilitated by increased access to data, could move in the direction of collusive price setting. Though this claim is being made, there is still uncertainty. Scholars purport that algorithms are not able to collude. Other take the collusion for granted and suggest solutions to this new problem. In short, the scholarly community is still divided on the issue of  algorithmic collusion.

To bring some clarify in the debate, we are inviting scholars from different disciplines to look at the above-described problematic of algorithmic collusion.   

The symposium receives financial support from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science as part of the Kakenhi Project Kiban C project no. 18K01300, titled "Artificial Intelligence, Price Setting Strategies and Antitrust Law: Towards a Regulatory Framework."  


Sincerely Yours,


Associate Professor - Faculty of Law

Kyushu University